Snoqualmie Falls Hydroelectric Museum

Around Seattle

Chronicles the history of the power plant fueled by the stunning Snoqualmie Falls.

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1. Snoqualmie Falls

0.22 MILES

Whether or not you recognize this wide and powerful waterfall from the opening credits of Twin Peaks, it's more than worth it to pull over and take in…

3. Snoqualmie

0.88 MILES

Along Hwy 202 you'll find the little town of Snoqualmie, with its antique shops and a store devoted to Northwest wines.

4. North Bend

3.78 MILES

North Bend, on Hwy 202 just off I-90, is quite literally Twin Peaks country. The town was used as the setting for David Lynch's surreal TV series from the…

7. Carnation

8.44 MILES

Hwy 203 branches off from 202 at Fall City; follow it north to Carnation, where the Snoqualmie and Tolt Rivers meet at Tolt-MacDonald Park. This is a…

8. Duvall

15.42 MILES

Duvall, about 25 miles north of North Bend along Hwys 202 and 203, has a rural small-town atmosphere despite its growth spurt. Wander Main St and check…