Makah Museum

Top choice in Olympic Peninsula

Hosted by the Makah Indian Reservation, this museum displays artifacts from one of North America's most significant archaeological finds and is reason enough to make the long drive to Neah Bay. Exposed by tidal erosion in 1970, the 500-year-old Makah village of Ozette proved to be a treasure trove of native history, containing whaling weapons, canoes, spears and combs. Its discovery had a huge impact on contemporary native life, even affecting court rulings on native fishing rights.

The museum's centerpiece is a replica of an old Ozette longhouse. There are lots of other interesting tidbits, such as the fact that the Makah raised a specific breed of dog for its hair, which they used in weaving. Updated LED lights throughout the museum increase the impact of each part of the exhibit. If you have questions about anything in the area, ask: staff are happy to share stories and information.

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