Olympic National Park (Coastal Strip)

Olympic National Park

This section of Olympic National Park consists of a 73-mile stretch of wilderness along the coast, much of it inaccessible unless you hike your way in. Parts of this coastal strip haven't changed since pre-colonial times.

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1. John's Beachcombing Museum

11.86 MILES

All sorts of beach fodder is on display here, from sea glass and a mammoth tooth to airplane engine parts and detritus from the Fukushima disaster in…

2. Timber Museum

12.25 MILES

The Timber Museum commemorates the early settlers and loggers of the region. Included in the museum's collection is a steam donkey (used to transport logs…

3. Wedding Rocks

13.79 MILES

The most significant group of petroglyphs on the Olympic Peninsula.

5. Ruby Beach

20.42 MILES

Be sure to stop at Ruby Beach, where a short 0.2-mile path leads down to a large expanse of windswept shore embellished by polished black stones and…

6. Makah Museum

28.79 MILES

Hosted by the Makah Indian Reservation, this museum displays artifacts from one of North America's most significant archaeological finds and is reason…