Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education

Outer Banks

This modern education center has an 8000-gallon aquarium and a life-size marsh diorama with a duck blind. Don't miss the 20-minute film about area history. Offers lots of kids' classes and activities.

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1. Whalehead Club


The sunflower-yellow, art nouveau–style Whalehead Club, built in the 1920s as a hunting 'cottage' for a Philadelphia industrialist, is the centerpiece of…

2. Historic Corolla Park

0.11 MILES

This very pleasant manicured park in Corolla preserves 39 acres of gorgeous sound-front and sound-side property that was once the waterfowl- and duck…

3. Currituck Beach Lighthouse

0.15 MILES

You'll climb 220 steps to get to the top of this red-brick lighthouse, which is still in operation. The light from its Fresnal lens can be seen from 18…

4. Corolla Wild Horse Fund Museum

0.28 MILES

This small nonprofit museum spotlights the wild mustangs that inhabit the dunes and shoreline north of Corolla. Also runs two-hour tours to see the horses…

5. Currituck Banks Maritime Forest Trail

1.02 MILES

A hidden 0.3-mile Boardwalk Trail (with disabled access) and a 0.75-mile Maritime Forest Trail snake through sections of the 950-acre Currituck Banks…

6. Waterfront Shops & Boardwalk

14.72 MILES

A pleasant waterfront boardwalk with 27 shops and eateries dotted around it. Peruse local design shops, do a Village Yoga session, or grab a bottle of…

7. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

17.74 MILES

This 9250-acre wildlife and migratory-bird marshland habitat is most stunning during the December migration season. The refuge's visitor center is open…

8. Wright Brothers National Memorial

26.37 MILES

Self-taught engineers Wilbur and Orville Wright launched the world's first successful airplane flight on December 17, 1903 (it lasted 12 seconds). A…