Laredo Center for the Arts

Rotating collections featuring work from local artists young and old can be hit or miss, but it's worth stopping in just for a look at the 1884 'El Mercado' building that houses the gallery.

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1. San Agustín Plaza

0.14 MILES

Parts of this downtown plaza, the oldest in Laredo, date from 1767. Surrounded by cobblestoned streets, lined with ancient oaks, it's a great spot to…

2. San Agustín Cathedral

0.15 MILES

Standing proud at the eastern end of the plaza, Laredo’s sturdy, whitewashed Gothic Revival cathedral was erected in 1872 as the third church on this site…

3. Republic of the Rio Grande Museum

0.17 MILES

Housed in an 1830s home that served in 1840 as the capitol of the short-lived Republic of the Rio Grande, this excellent museum brings that turbulent era…

4. Border Heritage Museum


Operated by the Webb County Heritage Foundation, the Border Heritage Museum may be open with a special exhibition. It’s housed in the restored Villa…

5. Fort McIntosh Historic Site

1.01 MILES

Established in 1849 to protect the region from raiding bandits and hostile local tribes, Fort McIntosh remained active through the Mexican Revolution and…