King Ranch Museum in Kingsville, Texas

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King Ranch

Corpus Christi Area

Much of the King Ranch is not open to the public. But there are 60,000 head of cattle, 400 horses and dozens of cowboys here – many fifth- and sixth-generation descendants of Kineños, who moved en masse to the ranch in the 1860s from the small Mexican town of Cruillas. Tours depart from the ranch's visitor center, which is just inside the rather modest entrance on the west side of Kingsville at the end of Santa Gertrudis Ave.

On the tour’s 10-mile driving loop you will see the horse and cattle breeds that made the ranch famous, plus some native wildlife. You’ll pass the lavish main building (33,000 sq ft), and with any luck you’ll get to hear some excellent commentary and personal anecdotes from the tour guides, who are often retired ranch employees.

In addition to the standard tours, there are guided birdwatching and wildlife-spotting bus tours across the unspoiled expanses of the ranch, lasting from 2½ hours to three days ($35 to $775 per person). Schedules change by season.

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