Banjoists and guitar players jam on the porch of the Museum of Appalachia during the Tennessee Fall Homecoming festival. | Location: Norris, Tennessee, USA.

Raymond Gehman/Getty

Museum of Appalachia


Sprawled across 65 acres dotted with cabins and livestock, this comprehensive museum spotlights the history and culture of the mountain communities in the southern Appalachians. Signage is low tech and the two-story exhibit barn resembles an overstuffed attic, but there are treasures tucked here and there, especially among the musical instruments. The stories attached to some of the artifacts – like the pie safe versus the thieving sow – are engagingly specific and bring some life to it all.

The attached cafe serves sandwiches and daily Southern specialties (open 11am to 2pm; mains $4 to $7).

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