Vallejo Street Steps

San Francisco

Reach staggering heights with spectacular views along this staircase connecting North Beach with Russian Hill – ideal for working off a pasta dinner. Ascend Vallejo toward Mason St, where stairs rise toward Jones St, passing Ina Coolbrith Park. Sit at the top for nighttime views of the shimmering Bay Bridge lights, then continue west to Polk St for nightlife.

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1. Ina Coolbrith Park

0.03 MILES

On San Francisco's literary scene, all roads eventually lead to Ina Coolbrith. She was California's first poet laureate, editor of Mark Twain, colleague…

2. Macondray Lane


The scenic route down from Ina Coolbrith Park – via steep stairs, past gravity-defying wooden cottages – is so charming, it looks like something from a…

3. Good Luck Parking Garage


Each parking spot at this garage comes with fortune-cookie wisdom stenciled onto the asphalt: 'The time is right to make new friends' or 'Stop searching…

4. Cable Car Museum

0.24 MILES

That clamor you hear riding cable cars is the sound of San Francisco's peak technology at work. Gears click and wire-hemp ropes whir as these vintage…

5. Washington Square

0.27 MILES

Wild parrots, tai chi masters, and nonagenarian churchgoing nonnas (grandmothers) are the local company you'll keep on this lively patch of lawn. This was…

6. Filbert Street Hill

0.34 MILES

With a 31.5% grade, the honor of steepest street in San Francisco is shared by Filbert St and 22nd St in the Castro. Filbert is shorter, but wins top…

7. City Lights Books

0.34 MILES

No one could have predicted the cultural force City Lights would become when it first opened in 1953. Sure, it had a proletarian ethos suggested by its…

8. Mule Gallery

0.35 MILES

Upstart San Francisco artists buck art-world trends and kick out brave new work at the backstreet Mule Gallery. Recent shows have featured artworks by Bay…