Deschutes Historical Museum


Located in an old grade school, this museum houses Native American and pioneer artifacts. There's also historical information on the area's logging, railroad and fur-trapping industries.

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1. High Desert Museum


This excellent museum, about 3 miles south of Bend, charts the exploration and settlement of the West, using reenactments of a Native American camp, a…

2. Newberry National Volcanic Monument

9.87 MILES

About 13 miles south of Bend is this impressive area, a relatively recent volcanic region resulting from 400,000 years of volcanic activity. Newberry…

3. Lava River Cave

11.05 MILES

About 1 mile south of the Lava Lands visitor center, Lava River Cave is the only lava tube that's developed for visitors (bring a flashlight or rent a…

4. Three Sisters Wilderness

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This beautiful 283,400-acre region spans the Cascade Range and is highlighted by the glaciered Three Sisters, three recent volcanic peaks each topping 10…

5. Smith Rock State Park

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Best known for its glorious rock climbing, Smith Rock State Park boasts rust-colored 800ft cliffs that tower over the pretty Crooked River. Nonclimbers…

7. Dee Wright Observatory

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Perched on frozen rock atop McKenzie Pass, Dee Wright Observatory is a small fortress built out of lava in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It…

8. McKenzie Pass Area

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From the lava fields of 5325ft McKenzie Pass, you'll find stunning views of the Cascade Range and one of the youngest and largest lava flows in…