Castle in the Clouds

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Perched on high like a king surveying his territory, the arts-and-crafts-style Castle in the Clouds wows with its stone walls and exposed-timber beams, but it’s the views of lakes and valleys that draw the crowds. In autumn the kaleidoscope of rust, red and yellow beats any postcard. The 5500-acre property features gardens, ponds and a path leading to a small waterfall. Admission includes a self-guided tour of the house, with stories about the eccentric millionaire Thomas Plant, who built it.

Paid at the front gate, the admission fee allows access to a 2-mile scenic road, which ends just below the house, originally known as the Lucknow Mansion. For an extra $15 you can take the Basement Tour, which explores the lives of the former servants. Last admission to the house is 4pm. From late June to late August, make reservations for sunset music performances and dinner on Monday and Thursday nights. Check the online calendar for other events, ranging from yoga on the lawn to star-gazing.

There is no admission fee to explore and hike the sprawling grounds, which can be reached via a public access road west of the main entrance (586 Ossipee Park Rd; open 10am to 6pm).

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