Pershing County Courthouse

Northern Nevada

Lovelock's courthouse was inspired by Rome’s Pantheon.

On its grounds you can symbolically lock your passion on a chain for all eternity in Lover's Lock Plaza, which is actually nothing like it sounds.

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1. Lover's Lock Plaza

0.03 MILES

Amazingly, some couples actually do come to Lovelock to symbolically lock their love (a padlock) onto this cheesy monument: a steel chain encircling a…

2. Marzen House

0.78 MILES

Built in 1875, Marzen House now contains a small historical museum displaying mementos of local sweetheart Edna Purviance, Charlie Chaplin’s leading lady.

3. Lovelock Cave

15.68 MILES

Just under 20 miles south of town, this sizable cave was used from 2600 BCE by native peoples to store food and seasonal equipment. It was 'discovered' in…

4. Rye Patch State Recreation Area

22.02 MILES

Roughly 25 miles north of Lovelock, just off the I-80, this little patch is a summery oasis amid the vast plains, where you can camp ($15), swim, fish or…