Yellowstone Forever


Small information station and book store run by Yellowstone Forever, the official education and fundraising partner of Yellowstone National Park. The monitors showing recent wolf and grizzly sightings are worth checking out on your way into the park.

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1. Roosevelt Arch

0.06 MILES

Gardiner’s most photographed sight is the park’s northwestern entry gate, dedicated by Teddy Roosevelt himself on April 25, 1903, and inscribed with…

3. Boiling River

3.16 MILES

One of the few places where you can take a legal soak in Yellowstone is Boiling River, halfway between Gardiner and Mammoth. From the parking area by the…

4. Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel

3.71 MILES

The Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel is worth a visit even if you're not staying. Piano music echoes around the lobby from 5pm, followed by video or slide…

5. Albright Visitor Center

3.72 MILES

Mammoth's recently revamped visitor center explores the park’s early history and formation – including the role the army played in protecting Yellowstone…

6. Fort Yellowstone

3.77 MILES

Mammoth was known as Fort Yellowstone from 1886 to 1918, when the US Army managed the park from this collection of buildings. Elk regularly graze the…

7. Mammoth Chapel

3.97 MILES

If you're in Mammoth on a Sunday morning, pop into this lovely English-style church (1913), where the stained-glass windows depict Old Faithful and…

8. Mammoth Hot Springs


The imposing Lower and Upper Terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs are the highlight of the Mammoth region. An hour’s worth of boardwalks wind their way between…