Petoskey State Park

Gold Coast

The park is north along Hwy 119 and has a beautiful beach. Look for indigenous Petoskey stones, which are honeycomb-patterned fragments of ancient coral. Some 180 tent and RV sites (per night $33 to $37) are spread through two modern campgrounds.

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1. Little Traverse Historical Museum

3.54 MILES

This small museum has a worthy Hemingway collection, including rare first-edition books that the author autographed for a friend when he visited in 1947.

2. Red Fox Inn

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Vollie Fox, Hemingway's fishing buddy, lived in this building next door to Horton Bay General Store. Young Ernie would stay at the inn, which is now…

3. Horton Bay General Store

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Fans of Ernest Hemingway will recall the store, with its 'high false front,' from his short story 'Up in Michigan.' As a youth, Hemingway used to hang out…

4. Historic Mill Creek

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The site has an 18th-century sawmill where costumed interpreters chop wood, plus historic displays, a zipline and nature trails.

5. Colonial Michilimackinac

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Next to the Big Mac bridge (its visitor center is actually beneath the bridge) is Colonial Michilimackinac, a National Historic Landmark that features a…