Cajun Country

Visitors are welcome all day at KBON, 101.1FM, home of Cajun music, zydeco, swamp pop and all the other sounds of Acadiana. Browse the capacious Wall of Fame, signed by visiting musicians.

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1. Cajun Music Hall of Fame & Museum

0.11 MILES

This small collection of instruments and cultural ephemera feels a little cluttered, but you're witnessing a pretty fascinating trove of material Cajun…

2. Prairie Acadian Cultural Center

0.12 MILES

This NPS-run museum has exhibits on rural life and Cajun culture, and shows a variety of documentaries explaining the history of the area. It's the…

3. Opelousas Museum & Interpretive Center

20.2 MILES

Squatting sleepily alongside Hwy 49, Opelousas' historic downtown is home to this grandma's attic of exhibits, artifacts and esoterica related to the town…

4. Chicot State Park

22.14 MILES

A wonderful place to access the natural beauty of Cajun country. The excellent arboretum is fun for kids and informative for adults, and deserves enormous…

5. Acadian Village

29.12 MILES

At the understated, educational Acadian Village, you follow a brick path around a rippling bayou to restored houses, craftsman barns and a church. Old…