Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Gardens

Gardens in Catalina Island

About 1.5 miles inland from central Avalon, this nearly-38-acre park emphasizes indigenous California plants: agave, aloe, Catalina cherry, cedar, island scrub oak, silver dollar plant, yucca and more. It slopes uphill to the 1934 memorial to William Wrigley Jr, 180ft tall and made of concrete mixed with crushed local stone for an almost terrazzo effect, with accents of local tile. Here you'll get inspirational views down the canyon to the harbor and mainland on a clear day.

In case you're creeped out by the idea of a memorial, Wrigley himself is buried in Pasadena.

The garden is also the starting point for one of the island's most popular hiking routes, the Garden to Sky trail.

It's about a 30-minute walk from central Avalon, or take the Garibaldi bus or golf cart.