James Dean Gallery


The privately owned James Dean Gallery has several rooms of memorabilia (bronze busts, photos, clocks, Dean's high-school yearbooks) in an old Victorian home downtown. The owners are a font of local information and are more focused on post-death international collector's items and knickknacks.

There is also a screening room and a small vintage memorabilia shop.

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1. Fairmount Historical Museum

0.22 MILES

Fans of actor James Dean should head directly here to see the Hollywood icon's bongo drums and 1955 Triumph Trophy 500, among other artifacts.

2. James Dean Gravesite

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You'll find James Dean's modest, often lipstick-stained gravestone in Park Cemetery on the outskirts of town.

3. James Dean Birth Site Memorial

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Unveiled in 2015, this small memorial to James Dean marks the spot where the house he was born once stood. The House of Seven Gables was demolished in the…