Stunning aerial view into Waimea Canyon, Kauai, Hawaii
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Waimea Canyon State Park

Top choice in Waimea Canyon & the Westside

Of all Kaua‘i’s wonders, none can touch Waimea Canyon for grandeur. Few would expect the island to hold such a gargantuan abyss of lava rock; popularly known as ‘the Grand Canyon of the Pacific’, it’s 10 miles long and over 3500ft deep. Flowing through it, Waimea River is fed by tributaries that flush reddish-brown waters from the mountaintop plateau that cradles the Alaka‘i Swamp.

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Nearby Waimea Canyon & the Westside attractions

1. Waimea Canyon Drive

0.62 MILES

This magnificent scenic drive traces the entire length of Waimea Canyon’s western rim and continues into Kokeʻe State Park, climbing 19 miles from the…

2. Waimea Canyon Lookout

0.63 MILES

This breathtaking vista, at an elevation of 3400ft, stands at the intersection of several almighty raw red cracks in the earth. The views here are very…

3. Waipo'o Falls

1.63 MILES

Although they're across on the far wall of the canyon, these 800ft falls cam be seen from several vantage points along Waimea Canyon Dr, including the Pu…

4. Pu‘u Ka Pele Lookout

1.72 MILES

This canyon-edge lookout, across from a picnic area equipped with restrooms and drinking water, is a superb vantage point from which to admire the 800ft…

5. Pu’u Hinahina Lookout

1.87 MILES

The main viewpoint at this large lookout (elevation 3640ft) faces down the deep gorge carved by Waiahulu Stream as it races to join Waimea Canyon. Look…

6. Kokeʻe State Park

2.35 MILES

Besides the two Na Pali lookouts at the end of the paved highway, Koke‘e State Park is the starting point for almost 50 miles of outstanding hiking trails…

7. Kumuwela Lookout

3.04 MILES

This overlook marks the end of the Canyon Trail. Enjoy epic canyon and waterfall views as you rest at the picnic table.

8. Koke‘e Natural History Museum

3.42 MILES

This two-room museum doubles as the visitor center for Koke‘e State Park. Helpful staff provide detailed current hiking advice, and sell useful, albeit…