Waimea Canyon Drive Lookout 2

Walk east from this roadside lookout for amazing views of the verdant canyon below.

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1. Waimea Canyon Drive Lookout 1

0.75 MILES

The first lookout as you climb Waimea Canyon Dr offers a good introductory view to the canyon, stretching to the east. Cross the road (carefully) to check…

2. Waimea Canyon Lookout

3.62 MILES

This breathtaking vista, at an elevation of 3400ft, stands at the intersection of several almighty raw red cracks in the earth. The views here are very…

3. Menehune Ditch

3.62 MILES

Little is now visible of Hawaii’s most remarkable example of pre-contact cut-and-dressed stonework, supposedly constructed within a single night by the…

4. Waimea Canyon Drive

3.63 MILES

This magnificent scenic drive traces the entire length of Waimea Canyon’s western rim and continues into Kokeʻe State Park, climbing 19 miles from the…

5. Waimea Canyon State Park

4.23 MILES

Of all Kaua‘i’s wonders, none can touch Waimea Canyon for grandeur. Few would expect the island to hold such a gargantuan abyss of lava rock; popularly…

6. Waimea United Church of Christ

4.24 MILES

What’s now the Waimea United Church of Christ was originally erected in 1847 by Reverend George Rowell. Protestant missionaries had lived in Waimea for…

8. Waimea Sugar Mill

4.33 MILES

The evocative skeleton of this 19th-century sugar mill still looms over Waimea. Pumping out sugar from the Westside, it fueled Kaua‘i’s economy until 1945…