Must-see attractions in Kailua

  • Woman walk on the beach, near view

    Kailua Beach Park


    A wide arc of sand drapes around the jewel-colored waters of Kailua Bay, bookended by formidable volcanic headlands and with interesting little islands…

  • Ulupo Heiau historic hawaiian religious site near Kailua on Oahu, Hawaii.

    Ulupo Heiau State Monument


    Rich in stream-fed agricultural land, fishing grounds and protected canoe landings, Kailua was an ancient economic center that supported at least three…

  • Kalama Beach Park


    Kalama Beach Park, 1 mile north of Kailua Beach Park on Kalaheo Ave, is the best place to park for a great walk. Climb over the grassy lawn to a much more…

  • Kawai Nui Marsh


    One of Hawaii’s largest freshwater marshes, Kawai Nui provides flood protection for the town and a habitat for endangered waterbirds, and is also one of…

  • Lanikai Beach


    Just southeast of Kailua, Lanikai is an exclusive residential neighborhood fronting a gorgeous stretch of powdery white sand overlooking two postcard…

  • Hamakua Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary


    Downstream from Kawai Nui Marsh, this tiny nature preserve provides more habitat for rare waterbirds, including the koloa maoli (Hawaiian duck), aeʻo …