Wailoa Center & Wailoa River State Park


This eclectic, state-run gallery hosts a variety of monthly exhibits. You might find quilts, bonsai, Chinese watercolors or historical photos, all done by locals. Surrounding the center is a quiet park with grassy lawns and picturesque arc-shaped footbridges crossing the Wailoa River. The main park landmark is a 14ft, Italian-made bronze King Kamehameha Statue. There are also Vietnam War and Shinmachi Tsunami memorials.

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1. King Kamehameha Statue

0.12 MILES

At the northern end of Wailoa River State Park, a 14ft bronze statue of King Kamehameha stands facing the bay. Sculpted by R Sandrin at the Fracaro…

2. Tsunami Memorial Clock

0.63 MILES

This tall green clock is permanently stopped at 1:04, marking the morning of May 23, 1960, when a major tsunami demolished the town. A series of seismic…

3. Liliʻuokalani Park

0.66 MILES

Arguably Hilo's most beautiful spot, these sprawling Japanese gardens are perfect for picnicking. Named for Hawaii's last queen (r 1891–93), the 30-acre…

4. Pacific Tsunami Museum

0.83 MILES

You cannot understand Hilo without knowing its history as a two-time tsunami survivor (1946 and 1960). This museum encompasses only a few rooms, but they…

5. Mokuola

0.85 MILES

Tiny Mokuola, commonly called Coconut Island, connects to land (near Liliʻuokalani Park) by a 250ft footbridge. The island is a county park with picnic…

6. FW Koehnen Building

0.87 MILES

Built in 1910, this iconic blue building housed Koehnen's Interiors, a classy home furnishings store, from 1929 until 2012. Three generations of Koehnens…

7. Mokupapapa Discovery Center

0.87 MILES

Geared for kids, this center aims to educate the public about pristine Hawaiian ecosystems. Even adults might not know that the Hawaiian archipelago…

8. East Hawai‘i Cultural Center/HMOCA

0.88 MILES

Curious about Hilo's art scene? Go to this downtown center, which displays well-curated works by both professionals and amateurs. Exhibits change monthly,…