Hana & East Maui

Rugged and remote, East Maui is the go-to spot for Mauians looking to get away from it all. Instead of golf courses and beach resorts, you’ll see a place that’s hardly changed in ages. Overgrown jungles, lonely churches and narrow roads to the coast – it's wild yet welcoming. In slow-moving Hana you’ll learn to talk story – l-o-n-g story – with people who take a personal approach to everything. You'll want more than a few hours here. If you keep going ‒ and you should ‒ you'll reach Haleakala National Park, followed by sleepy Kipahulu, which makes Hana look urban. Then it’s a wild drive on the Piʻilani Hwy to Kaupo, where the main street has one building. Finally you’ll disappear into miles of open country on the back side of Haleakalā: one spectacular drive. From beginning to end you’ll find off-the-grid farms, under-the-radar restaurants, secluded beaches and voices from the past.

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