Museum of Transportation

St Louis

Huge railroad locomotives (including a Union Pacific Big Boy), historic cars cooler than your rental, and more that moves. Take I-270 west to exit 8.

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Nearby St Louis attractions

1. Grant's Farm

6.37 MILES

A small-time theme park on the beer-brewing Busch family's rural retreat, Grant's Farm thrills kids with its Clydesdale horses and 1000 other animals from…

2. Route 66 State Park

8.32 MILES

From St Louis follow I-44 (the interstate is built over most of Route 66 in Missouri) 28 miles west to Route 66 State Park, with its visitor center and…

3. St Louis Zoo

10.17 MILES

Divided into themed zones, this vast park includes a fascinating River's Edge area with African critters. Don't leave without saying hello to the zoo's…

4. St Louis Art Museum

10.21 MILES

This grand beaux-arts palace (with a striking modern wing) was originally built for the World's Fair. Now housing this storied institution, its collection…

5. Forest Park

10.78 MILES

New York City may have Central Park, but St Louis has the bigger (by 528 acres) Forest Park. The superb, 1371-acre spread was the setting of the 1904…

6. Missouri History Museum

10.83 MILES

Presents the story of St Louis, starring such worthies as the World's Fair; a replica of Charles Lindbergh's plane, Spirit of St Louis; and a host of…

7. St Louis Science Center

11.13 MILES

The interactive exhibits at this three-story museum are geared toward kids (and the young at heart). Expect live demonstrations, dinosaurs, a planetarium…

8. Missouri Botanical Garden

11.48 MILES

Dating to 1859, these gardens hold a 14-acre Japanese garden, a carnivorous plant bog, a Victorian-style hedge maze and the oldest continuously operating…