Museum of Contemporary Art


It's worth popping into the angular glass building to see what's showing. Frank Stella prints? Claes Oldenburg etchings? Cindy Sherman photos? Exhibits change every three months or so. It doesn't take long to look through the small museum. A wee sculpture garden and restaurant on the roof provide good city views.

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Nearby Wisconsin attractions

1. Wisconsin Veterans Museum

0.15 MILES

This modest museum on Capitol Sq tells the story of Wisconsin's involvement in the nation's wars, from the Civil War through WWI and WWII all the way up…

2. State Capitol

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The X-shaped capitol is the largest outside Washington, DC, and marks the heart of downtown. Tours are available on the hour most days, or you can go up…

3. Chazen Museum of Art

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4. Monona Terrace


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5. Henry Vilas Zoo

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6. Olbrich Botanical Gardens

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8. National Mustard Museum

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Born of one man's ridiculously intense passion, the building houses 6000 mustards and kooky condiment memorabilia. Tongue-in-cheek humor abounds,…