The Animas River running through golden aspens in the Weminuche Wilderness area before reaching the city of Durango.

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Weminuche Wilderness Area

Named for a band of the Ute tribe, the Weminuche Wilderness Area is the most extensive wilderness in Colorado, with an area of more than 700 sq miles. The Weminuche extends west along the Continental Divide from Wolf Creek Pass to the Animas River near Silverton. Along the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (USFS Trail 813), you will find many secluded hiking opportunities as the trail travels 80 miles of the Weminuche Wilderness between Wolf Creek Pass and Stony Pass.

One trail of particular interest leads to an undeveloped natural hot spring west of the Divide. To reach Wolf Creek Pass Hot Spring take USFS Trail 560 west from the Divide, descending more than 6 miles through the Beaver Creek drainage to the West Fork headwaters of the San Juan River. The spring, with more than 100°F (38°C) water, is to the right on USFS Trail 561, about half a mile above the trail junction.

Visitors should have maps of both the Rio Grande and San Juan National Forests. Ranger stations for the Rio Grande National Forest are in either Del Norte or Creede; the nearest San Juan National Forest ranger station is in Pagosa Springs. From June to July of 2013, the West Fork Complex fire, caused by lightning strikes and strong winds, burned over 100,000 acres, some within this area.

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