Viña Del Mar Park


Near the ferry terminal, the plaza has a fountain flanked by 14ft-tall elephant statues from the 1915 Panama–Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco.

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Nearby Sausalito attractions

1. Bay Model Visitor Center

0.99 MILES

One of the coolest things in town, fascinating to both kids and adults, is the Army Corps of Engineers’ solar-powered visitor center. Housed in one of the…

2. Bay Area Discovery Museum

1.42 MILES

Below the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, at Fort Baker, this excellent hands-on activity museum is designed for children. Multilingual exhibits…

3. Sausalito Houseboats

1.48 MILES

Bohemia still thrives along the shoreline of Richardson Bay, where free spirits inhabit hundreds of quirky homes that bob in the waves among the seabirds…

4. China Cabin

1.51 MILES

The saloon of the 1866 steamer sailing ship PS China was brought to this site when the ship was decommissioned in the late 1800s. Since then it's served…

5. Railroad & Ferry Depot Museum

1.87 MILES

Formerly the terminus for a 3000-person ferry to San Francisco and a railroad that once reached north to Ukiah, this late-19th-century building showcases…

6. Old St Hilary’s


This fine 19th-century example of Carpenter Gothic architectural style can be seen from almost anywhere in Tiburon. Hiking trails lead from above it onto…

7. Golden Gate National Recreation Area

2.13 MILES

It's no mystery why this is one of the Bay Area's most popular hiking and cycling destinations. As the trails wind beside the Pacific Ocean and San…

8. Perles Beach

2.24 MILES

Shhhh. The trail to this secluded beach with jaw-dropping views out to Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco is mostly grown over; few…