La Jolla Historical Society

La Jolla

This place has vintage photos and beach memorabilia, plus regular exhibitions from classic cars to architecture.

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2. La Jolla Recreation Center

0.16 MILES

Commissioned by Ellen Browning Scripps and designed by famous San Diego architect Irving Gill, this notable building dates to 1915. The center has…

3. Children's Pool

0.17 MILES

Built in the 1930s behind a wave-cutting seawall, La Jolla’s Children’s Pool was created as a family beach but has since been invaded by herds of seals…

4. Athenaeum

0.19 MILES

Housed in a graceful Spanish renaissance structure, this space is devoted exclusively to art and music. Its reading room is a lovely place to relax and…

5. Bishop’s School

0.28 MILES

Although not open to the public, campus buildings (visible from the street) date back to 1898 and are a good example of early architecture in the area. If…

6. Cave Store

0.48 MILES

Waves have carved a series of caves into the sandstone cliffs east of La Jolla Cove. The one below the Cave Store, a shop selling vintage curios, is 200…

8. Birch Aquarium at Scripps

2.11 MILES

This state-of-the-art aquarium is a wonderous underwater world home to 5000 fish. Visitors can watch sharks dart, kelp forests sway, and even meet a…