Patrick's Point State Park

North Coast & Redwoods

Coastal bluffs jut out to sea at this 640-acre state park, where sandy beaches abut rocky headlands. Easy access to dramatic coastline makes this is a great bet for families, but any age will find a feast for the senses as they climb rock formations, search for breaching whales, carefully navigate tide pools and listen to barking sea lions and singing birds.

Sumêg is an authentic reproduction of a Yurok village, with hand-hewn redwood buildings where Native Americans gather for traditional ceremonies. In the native plant garden you’ll find species for making traditional baskets and medicines.

On Agate Beach look for stray bits of jade and sea-polished agate. Follow the signs to tide pools, but tread lightly and obey regulations. The 2-mile Rim Trail, an old Yurok trail around the bluffs, circles the point with access to huge rocky outcrops. Don’t miss Wedding Rock, one of the park’s most romantic spots. Other trails lead around unusual formations like Ceremonial Rock and Lookout Rock.

The park’s three well-tended campgrounds have hot pay showers and very clean bathrooms. Penn Creek and Abalone campgrounds are more sheltered than Agate Beach.

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