McCloud Mercantile

Mt Shasta Region

The huge McCloud Mercantile anchors the downtown. There’s a hotel upstairs and it hosts a couple of restaurants that warrant a longer stay, but those just passing through can get a bag of licorice at the old-world candy counter or browse the main floor. The collection of dry goods is very NorCal: Woolrich blankets, handmade soap and interesting gifts for the gardener, outdoors person or chef.

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1. Historical Museum

0.05 MILES

The tiny historical museum sits opposite the McCloud Chamber of Commerce and could use a bit of organization – it has the feel of a cluttered, messy…

2. Dunsmuir City Park

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As you follow winding Dunsmuir Ave north over the freeway, look for this park with its local native botanical gardens and a vintage steam engine in front…

3. California Theater

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At downtown’s north end stands what was the town’s pride. This once-glamorous venue was being restored to its original glory, then the work stopped. First…

4. Sisson Museum

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A half-mile west of the freeway, this former hatchery headquarters is full of curious mountaineering artifacts and old pictures. The changing exhibitions…

5. Castle Crags State Park

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The stars of this glorious state park alongside Castle Crags Wilderness Area are its soaring spires of ancient granite formed some 225 million years ago,…

7. Mt Shasta

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You'll come across views of Mt Shasta either peaking over a ridge or completely dominating the landscape, from the Oregon border and even into the east…

8. Mt Shasta Lavender Farms


While in the area, tickle your senses at Mt Shasta Lavender Farms, about 19 miles northeast of Weed off Hwy 97. You can harvest your own sweet French…