Santa Fe Trail Interpretive Center

New Mexico

Enthusiastic local historians curate a collection of old photos and artifacts from Las Vegas' heyday as a rough-and-tumble trading post on the Santa Fe Trail. Guided tours available.

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2. Storrie Lake State Park

4.44 MILES

Just north of Las Vegas is this large lake, a popular destination for windsurfing and fishing. Camping here (tent site $8, RV sites $10 to $14) is just so…

3. Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge


Five miles southeast of Las Vegas via Hwys 104 and 281, this nearly 14-sq-mile refuge has marshes, woodlands and grasslands to which upwards of 250 bird…

4. Villanueva & San Miguel

23.88 MILES

Along Hwy 3, are the Spanish colonial villages of Villanueva and San Miguel, which has a fine church, built in 1805.

5. La Cueva Farm

24.01 MILES

Formerly the Salman Ranch, this farm at La Cueva is still famous for its organic raspberry fields, where between mid-August and mid-October – weather…

6. La Cueva Mill

24.02 MILES

The preserved 1870s adobe mill 6 miles east of Mora originally provided flour for travelers on the Santa Fe Trail. Today it's a National Historic Site,…

7. Villanueva State Park

25.03 MILES

This pretty state park, about 35 miles south of Las Vegas via I-25 and Hwy 3, lies in a red rock canyon on the Rio Pecos valley. A small visitor center…

8. Pecos National Historical Park

26.01 MILES

When the Spanish first reached Pecos Pueblo, they found a five-story, 700-room structure that was a major center for trade between the Pueblo peoples and…