Little Hebe Crater

Death Valley National Park

In the north, Hwy 190 ends at a landscape shaped by a cluster of craters, of which Ubehebe is the largest. Its younger brother, Little Hebe, is a short walk west of here.

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1. Ubehebe Crater


Hwy 190 ends at 600ft-deep Ubehebe Crater, formed some 300 years ago by the meeting of fiery magma and cool groundwater. As the water turned into steam,…

2. Lower Vine Ranch

3.89 MILES

The house where gold-prospector Walter Scott (aka Scotty) actually lived can only be visited on ranger-led hikes that must be booked in advance via www…

3. Scotty's Castle


Closed due to flood damage and not likely to reopen until at least 2020, this whimsical castle was the desert home of Walter E Scott, alias ‘Death Valley…

4. Racetrack Playa

23.68 MILES

Past the northern end of Hwy 190, it's slow going for 27 miles on a tire-shredding dirt road (high-clearance and 4WD usually required) to the eerie…

5. Eureka Dunes

27.92 MILES

The far-northwestern reaches of Death Valley cradle these spectacular dunes that, at up to 680ft high, are the tallest in California. It’s a tough slog to…