Nancy Lake State Recreation Area

The Interior

Located along the Nancy Lake Pkwy, jutting off George Parks Hwy at Mile 67.3, this state recreation area is one of Alaska’s few flat, lake-studded parks, offering camping, fishing, canoeing and hiking. Although it lacks the dramatic scenery of the country to the north, the 22,685-acre area can be peaceful on weekdays – and thronging with Anchorage and Mat-Su residents on weekends. Download a map of the park from the website, as the area can be confusing.

The recreation area offers two campgrounds accessible by road, many backcountry campsites and 13 public-use cabins (per night $45 to $70) spread around the park. Reserve the latter through the Alaska Division of Parks, online or in person at its Wasilla office. Tent camping costs $20.

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