Iditarod Finish-Line Arch


This imposing structure, a distinctly bent pine tree with burls, is raised over Front St every March in anticipation of the mushers and their dogsled teams ending the 1049-mile race here.

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2. St Joseph Church

0.14 MILES

Built in 1901, when there were 20,000 people living in Nome, this church and its spire were located on Front St and used as a beacon for seafarers. By the…

3. Golden Sands Beach

0.17 MILES

Sand zero, so to speak, of Nome’s famed gold rush, this beach is still open to recreational mining and all summer long you can watch miners set up work…

4. Katirvk Cultural Center

0.45 MILES

The word 'Katirvk' comes from the Iñupiat term for 'gathering place.' In this case, the 'place' in question is a small, modern museum that explores local…

5. Richard Foster Building

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The futuristic aesthetic of this municipal building stands in stark contrast to Nome's historic homes and storefronts. Inside, you'll find the Carrie…

6. Carrie McLain Museum

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Once effectively an attic of Nome 'stuff,' the Carrie McLain Museum has evolved over the years into a professionally presented museum that profiles the…

7. Swanberg's Gold Dredge

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One mile east of Nome fronting the beach is this poignantly abandoned gold dredge that was in operation until the 1950s. A boardwalk with various…