Kennecott Copper Mine National Historic Landmark, McCarthy, Alaska.

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Kennecott Mines National Historic Landmark

The Interior

Old mill town constitutes pretty much all of present-day Kennecott. Dozens of old wood and log buildings have been restored, stabilized or purposely left in a state of decrepitude. You're welcome to wander around the outside of the buildings at will, or you can join daily tours.

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1. Kennecott General Store

0.04 MILES

In the town's former general store, the tins of baked beans and salted beef are just for show, but there is an informational movie if you want to learn…

2. Concentration Mill & Leaching Plant


Like a rickety fantasy hatched out of a lunatic's dream, this 14-story building once processed the copper mined out of the surrounding mountains. You can…

3. Kennecott Visitor Center

0.14 MILES

The center, which sits in the town's former school, is the launching point for ranger-led activities, lectures and walks around town.

4. Kennicott Glacier

0.26 MILES

‘Oh no, they destroyed this valley!’ If you’re like 99% of visitors, that’s exactly what you’ll think as you reach Kennecott and look across the…

5. McCarthy-Kennecott Historical Museum

3.58 MILES

This old railroad depot is worth a quick visit to view the historical photographs, mining artifacts and model of McCarthy in its heyday. The road splits…

6. Wrangell Mountain Center

3.77 MILES

At the end of downtown McCarthy, check out this environmental NGO/community center with summer field courses for university students, arts and science…