The Windy Gate in Kamyanets-Podilsky.

©Pavlo Fedykovych/Lonely Planet

Vitryani (Windy) Gate

At the northern edge of the Old Town is the still-functioning 16th-century Vitryani (Windy) Gate, where Peter the Great's hat blew off in 1711. Connected to the gate is the 7-storey stone Kushnir (Furriers') Tower (Кушнірська башта), a defensive structure funded by artisans who lived nearby.

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1. Polish Gate

0.18 MILES

The Polish Gate was the main entry into the old Polish section of Kamyanets-Podilsky. It's not in use today.

2. Cathedral of Saints Peter & Paul


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3. Ratusha

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4. Potters' Tower

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Looking south from the New Bridge you can spot the 1583 Potters' Tower, so named because it was looked after by the town's potters. Twelve of these towers…

5. Church of St George

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6. Dominican Monastery

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7. Russian Magistrate

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There are some interesting old buildings on vul Pyatnytska, which branches off Armenian Market Sq. The large structure with a distinctive metal dragon…

8. Picture Gallery


The pieces on display are only a small fraction of the permanent collection, which includes some 60,000 works of art and thousands of other artefacts…