Vul Kobylyanskoyi

The Carpathians

When you’ve had enough of Chernivtsi’s barmy traffic, head for the tranquillity of vul Kobylyanskoyi, a pedestrianised street running between vuls Holovna and Shevchenka. It’s certainly the city’s most attractive thoroughfare hemmed with beautiful art nouveau facades containing music schools, a couple of minimuseums, bookshops, Lviv chain cafes, pizza places and some local government offices. Retro copies of 19th-century gas lamps, freshly planted trees and lots of benches make this the ideal venue for the evening corso and proves that Ukraine can do 'pleasant' when it puts its mind to it.

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1. Former Armenian Cathedral

0.11 MILES

In addition to Chernivtsi's fabulous university building, Josef Hlavka was also the architect responsible for the Former Armenian Cathedral.

2. Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

0.13 MILES

Painted a garish Disney-princess pink, the huge, mid-19th-century Orthodox cathedral that straddles gated parkland between vuls Holovna and Kobylyanskoyi…

3. Kobylyanska Theatre

0.29 MILES

Set on the exquisitely central European pl Teatralna, Chernivtsi's main drama and music theatre is a beautiful art nouveau confection that wouldn't look…

4. Museum of Bukovinian Jews


This museum brings to life the now virtually extinct Jewish culture of Bukovyna, focusing on the period between 1774 and 1941.

5. Former Synagogue


Chernivtsi’s former synagogue was once famous for its exotic African/Middle Eastern style, but was turned into a cinema in 1954.

6. St Nicholas Cathedral

0.35 MILES

Chernivtsi's cathedral is nicknamed the 'drunken church', because of the four twisted turrets surrounding its cupola – painted blue with golden stars,…

7. Chernivtsi University

0.75 MILES

University buildings are often called 'dreaming spires', but Chernivtsi's is more like an acid trip. This fantastic, Unesco-listed red-brick ensemble,…

8. Former Jewish Cemetery

1.08 MILES

The Former Jewish Cemetery is a melancholic jumble of leaning, overgrown headstones to the west of the city.