Taurida Central Museum

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Crimea's largest museum consists of three main sections. The first is a collection of golden artefacts, produced by Hellenized Alano-Goths in the princedom of Feodoro – currently Mangup-Kale. It is located in a guarded premises on the ground floor and can only be accessed with a guide. There is a more conventional history exhibition on the upper floor, with signs in Russian only. At the time of our visit, a separate large hall was occupied by a great exhibition dedicated to the Romanovs in Crimea, where they spent their last happy summers before their demise.

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0.59 MILES

The restored 16th-century mosque dates back to the Tatar town of Ak-Mechet (White Mosque), a predecessor of Simferopol.

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Ten years ago Crimean Tatar handicrafts were on the verge of extinction, but Ayshe Osmanova resolved to rescue her people's culture from the precipice…