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Local Transport

Kampala has a local minibus network, as well as special-hire taxis for private trips. Elsewhere you'll have to rely solely on two-wheel taxis, known as boda-bodas as they originally shuttled people between border posts: from 'boda to boda'. Never hesitate to tell a driver to slow down if you feel uncomfortable with his driving skills, or lack thereof. Outside Kampala, there are few trips within any town that should cost more than USh3000.


While boda-bodas (motorcycle taxis) are perfect for getting through heavy traffic, they're also notorious for their high rate of accidents. Most incidents occur as a result of reckless young drivers: the New Vision newspaper has reported that on average there are five deaths daily as a result of boda-boda accidents. If you decide to use their services, get a recommendation from your hotel for a reliable, safe driver. It's also very wise to find a driver with a helmet you can borrow, and to insist they drive slowly.