Ice House


One of three ice houses built during the Timurid era.

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1. Ice House

0.37 MILES

One of three ice houses built during the Timurid era.

2. Ice House

0.66 MILES

South of Sultan Kala and Giaur Kala, this is one of three ice houses built during the Timurid era. The giant freezers, made from brick and covered by a…

3. Mausoleums of Two Askhab

0.67 MILES

One of the most important pilgrimage sites in Turkmenistan are the mausoleums built for two Islamic askhab (companions of the Prophet), Al-Hakim ibn Amr…

4. Little Kyz Kala

1.04 MILES

This 7th century fortress is the pair of nearby Great Kyz Kala. You can clamber into and explore its interior.

5. Great Kyz Kala

1.16 MILES

This crumbling 7th-century koshk (fortress) outside the walls of Merv is interesting for its ‘petrified stockade’ walls. Constructed by the Sassanians in…

6. Mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar

1.42 MILES

The best remaining testimony to Seljuq power at Merv is the 38m-high Mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar, located in what was the centre of Sultan Kala. The…

7. Margush Archaeological Museum

1.73 MILES

The Margush Archaeological Museum houses a tiny collection of artefacts and old photos, as well as a diorama of the Merv complex.

8. Buddhist Stupa

1.78 MILES

In the southeastern corner of Giaur Kala, a distinct mound marks the site of a Buddhist stupa and monastery, which was still functioning in the early…