Sipahioğlu Konağı

Central Anatolia

Turkey has a glut of Ottoman houses thrown open to the public, but this one's in a league of its own. It's actually half of one enormous mansion that was divided in two by the builder's warring sons – the other half is Kasım Sipahioğlu Konağı – and you tour the sides separately. Sipahioğlu Konağı's interiors are immaculate with ornate, niche-studded wall panelling, a living room with an intricate hazerpare (radiating medallion design) ceiling and vibrant floral paintings decorating cornices and fireplaces.

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1. Kasım Sipahioğlu Konağı

Although the interiors here aren't as interesting as in neighbouring Sipahioğlu Konağı, it's well worth paying another ₺2 to see, as owner Filiz Teyze …

2. Hıdırlık Tepe


For the best vantage point over town head up to the top of Hıdırlık tepe (hill) where you'll find a park and cafe as well as excellent views.

3. Kaymakamlar Museum

5.67 MILES

This typical Safranbolu home has all the classic features of Ottoman houses. Once owned by a lieutenant colonel, it still feels like an address of note as…

4. Cinci Hanı

5.72 MILES

Eski Çarşı's most famous and imposing structure is this brooding 17th-century caravanserai that has hotel rooms on the 2nd floor and a cafe-restaurant…

5. İzzet Paşa Cami

5.72 MILES

This is one of the largest mosques constructed during the Ottoman Empire. It was built by the grand vizier in 1796 and restored in 1903. Its design was…

6. Metalworker's Bazaar

5.74 MILES

You'll hear the clang of hammers before you get here. This fascinating area is where the traditional metalworkers of Safranbolu still ply their trade and…

7. Köprülü Mehmet Paşa Cami

5.75 MILES

This beefy, helmet-roofed building beside the Shoe-Maker's Bazaar dates to 1661. The metal sundial in the courtyard was added in the mid-19th century.

8. Kazdağlıoğulu Cami

5.77 MILES

Set in Çarşı's central square, the Kazdağlıoğulu Cami is a typical Ottoman-style mosque, built in 1779.