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To reach Soğanlı turn off the main road from Mustafapaşa to Yeşilhisar and proceed 4km to the village. The ticket office for the site is next to Hidden Apple Garden restaurant. At stalls in the site car park, local women sell the dolls for which Soğanlı is supposedly famous.

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$1440.13 Multi-day & Extended Tours

8 Days Istanbul to Cappadocia Tour by Plane

1.DAY You will come to İstanbul and we will meet you and transferred to hotel. 2.DAY Early in the morning, our professional guide will meet you at the hotel and begin the Istanbul Old City Walking Tour. Starting with the magnificent Hagia Sophia museum, the excursion will take you around breathtaking destinations such as the Blue Mosque, Hippodrome of Constantinople, Obelisk of Theodosius, Topkapi Palace, Serpentine Column, German Fountain, Grand Bazaar and more, with lunch at a Turkish restaurant in Old City. Once your daily epic journey comes to an end, our guide will accompany you to your hotel. 3.DAY Morning pick-up from the hotel after breakfast, transfer to the harbor to board the boat, full-day morning cruise of the historical sites along the Bosphorus like the Golden Horn, Byzantine City Walls, Spice Bazaar, the Bosphorus, Rumeli Fortress and more. Once you disembark at the harbor, our guide will take you to a selected restaurant where you will be able to taste some traditional Turkish dishes for lunch. After lunch, our excursion will continue to Dolmabahce where you will have an extensive narrative. At the end of the tour, you will be transferred back to hotel. 4.DAYYou will be picked up from hotel and transferred to airport. You will come to Kayseri airport by plane. We will meet you from airport and dropped off you to Cappadocia hotel.5.DAY 09:15 Pick up from hotel and go to Uchisar castle,göreme open iar museum,çavuşin old greek village,avanos pottery and avanos lunch,pasabağı,devrent valley,ürgüp and carpet factory6.DAY 09:15 Pick up from hotel and go to Göreme panoroma,Underground city,Ihlara Valley hiking,Selime monastry,Pigeon Valley and Onxy(stone) factory7.DAY 09:15 You will be picked up from your hotel for the tour 09:30 Your tour will start out Mustapafasa,Damsa,Cemil,Keşlik,Soğanlı,Taşkınpaşa8.DAY You will be picked up from hotel and transferred to airport. You will fly to İstanbul and our tour program will be finished.

$112.91 Day Trips & Excursions

Excursion to Cappadocia Private Full-Day Guided Tour

You will be picked up at 9:30am at your hotel by an experienced and licensed professional tour guide. You will be driven to a place near Goreme called Panoramic View, the best place to admire the beautiful fairy-chimneys below. The most magnificent landscape around Goreme has been formed from solidified lava streams, ash and tuff rock from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. The stunning landscape of Cappadocia is the result of thousands of years of continual erosion, which has shaped the tuff deposits into extraordinary pyramids and cones. Your guide will provide information about how the landscape was formed and the history of Cappadocia.You will then travel to Paşabağ, where remarkable mushroom-shaped rock formations can be seen in the middle of a vineyard; hence the name of the location, which means 'Pasha's vineyard'. 'Pasha' means 'general', a military rank, in Turkish. This sight is also called Monks' Valley. The name has come from some high tuff stone columns which stand apart, looking like monks. Your next destination is Sobessos, a recently-discovered archaeological site from the Roman era, located near Şahinefendi village. A large meeting hall with beautiful mosaics has been excavated. The site also contains a Roman bath with a well-preserved underfloor heating system.After Sobessos you will take a short walk in Soğanlı Valley, where there are many different churches with reasonably well-preserved frescoes dating from the 10th to the 13th centuries. This is also where you can buy the most famous local souvenir, the Soğanlı doll. You will enjoy lunch in a restaurant at the end of the Soğanlı Valley.Your last stop is at Kaymaklı underground city, one of the largest underground settlements in the region. It is accepted as the widest underground city of Cappadocia, among the explored ones. The houses in the village are constructed around the nearly one-hundred tunnels of the underground city. The tunnels are still used today as storage areas, stables, and cellars. The underground city at Kaymaklı differs from Derinkuyu in terms of its structure and layout. The tunnels are lower, narrower, and more steeply inclined. Of the four floors open to tourists, each space is organized around ventilation shafts. This makes the design of each room or open space dependent on the availability of ventilation. The number of the storage rooms in such a small area supports the idea that a great number of people resided here. Archeologists think that this could have been up to 3500 people.Your excursion to Cappadocia you will be returned to your hotel.

$430 Multi-day & Extended Tours

2-Day Private Tour of Cappadocia from Istanbul

Day 1Your private vehicle will be waiting for you for an early morning transfer to the airport. Following the flight to Kayseri city, you will travel to Cappadocia region by car. The first day visit will include the Citadel of Uchisar, Zelve Valley and Avanos, the pottery village; as well as the Göreme Open-air Museum with its churches carved out of rock and one of kind frescoes; and the Karanlik Church, which has recently been restored and announced by one of the World’s treasures by UNESCO. Day 2Visit to the underground city of Kaymaklı will amaze you with it's unique engineering and architecture. Trip will continue on with Soğanlı valley, Sobesos roman baths and Sinasos village where the nature and history all rolled into one for you to witness. After your flight to İstanbul you will be transferred to your hotel.

$288.03 Day Trips & Excursions

Small Group Cappadocia Blue Tour with Lunch

This tour is the best choice for those who is looking for the authenticity and want to experience true Turkish village life. Begin a lovely day with a visit to a small town of Mustafapasa (formely known as Sinasos). It was one of the largest Greek towns in Cappadocia until the Greeks left Muratpasa during the exchange of populations in 1923. This small town is very famous for the splendid examples of Ottoman and Greek architecture: huge Ottoman mansions with carved doors and window frames, Ottoman-era Şakir Paşa Medrese (university college), the Old Greek House, the 19th century church of Constantine and Helen, etc.Next place to visit is Sobessos. It is an ancient city discovered in the past 10 years just outside Sahinefendi village. The excavation work still goes on. For now it is possible to see ruins of the Roman baths, agora, bouleuterion and the 6th century church with a geometric mosaic floor. After Sobessos drive to the hidden treasure of Cappadocia, Keslik monastery. Explore the monastery inside and get an idea about the life of monks there. This monastery complex has interesting places to visit: the Church of the Archangel, the Chapel of Saint Stephen, rock-cut refectorya, dining area, living quarters and a pool of sacred water. The Church of the Archangel has rare iconoclastic examples of frescoes which are very beautiful and definitely worth seeing.From the Keslik monstery continue driving to the Soganli valley. It remains far off the beaten Cappadocian track and it is not so much visited by tourists compared to other valleys. Soganli has numerous rock-cut churches and monasteries and it is a very beautiful hiking valley. Authentic handmade dolls produced in Soganli and its surroundings became a very popular souvenir from Cappadocia. After hiking through this spectacular valley you will get a lunch and then go to visit the largest underground city of Cappadocia - Kaymakli underground city. It was opened to visitors in 1964 and consists of 8 levels (only 4 are open). Walk through the narrow corridors and discover numerous rooms and storages carved from the soft volcanic stone; have a chance to see rolling-stone doors, deep wells and ventilation shafts. This amazing trip to remote and fascinating places ends with a hotel drop-off .

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