Sinop Archaeological Museum

Black Sea Coast

Highlights of this excellent museum include the fabulous Meydankapı mosaic from the 4th century AD, depicting the four seasons and seven muses; a marble statue of lions savaging a deer from the 4th century BC; various coin hoards, including the celebrated one from Gelincik; and an excellent collection of Byzantine religious objects, including icons from local churches. The garden contains funerary steles, mosaics and the remains of a Temple of Serapis from the 4th century BC.

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1. Sinop Martyrs' Monument

0.05 MILES

This monument, flanked by canons and anchors, contains the remains of sailors killed in the Crimean War. It's in the gardens of the museum, which are…

2. Belediye

0.17 MILES

Sinop's municipal building is a forgettable 20th century tower, but directly to the south is a contrastingly attractive police station built in 'Baghdad…

3. Alaaddin Camii

0.18 MILES

Entered from the north through a delightful oasis of a garden-yard, this historic mosque was first constructed for Süleyman Pervane in 1267. The local…

4. Sinop Fortress

0.26 MILES

Giving definition to much of central Sinop are the very hefty remnants of stone walls. With origins dating back four millennia, these once ran 3km,…

5. Atatürk Statue

0.28 MILES

The familiar figure holds a top hat in one hand and waves with the other. He has pride of place in Barış Manço Parkı, a marble-paved park of tree-shaded…

6. Şehitler Çeşmesi

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Secreted away near the harbour, next to the Hacı Ömer Camii (1903), the poignant Martyrs' Fountain commemorates the Turkish soldiers who died in the…

7. Tarihi Sinop Cezaevi

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This once infamous prison (1887 to 1997) incarcerated many famous Turkish writers. Though the extensive site has little in English, the grim, bare blocks…

8. Statue of Diogenes the Cynic

0.54 MILES

Whitewashed and holding the 'lamp of reason', a statue of the Sinop-born Greek philosopher Diogenes (412 to 323 BC) stands with his dog on a barrel in a…