Alaeddin Cami


The Seljuk Alaeddin Cami (1223), on the hill crowned with the much-restored remains of Niğde's fortress, is the town's grandest mosque.

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1. Süngür Bey Cami

0.08 MILES

Süngür Bey Cami, on a terrace at the end of the marketplace, is a curious blend of architectural styles; it was first built by the Seljuks and restored by…

2. Ak Medrese


This attractive medrese (seminary) dates from 1409 and has a finely carved entrance. It's utilised as a cultural centre but visitors are welcome to wander…

3. Dışarı Cami

0.23 MILES

This Ottoman-era mosque is an excellent landmark to get your bearings by in central Niğde.

4. Niğde Museum

0.39 MILES

Niğde Museum houses a well-presented selection of finds from the Assyrian city of Acemhöyük near Aksaray, through the Hittite and Phrygian Ages to…

6. Eski Gümüşler Monastery

5.59 MILES

Some of Cappadocia's best-preserved and most captivating frescoes are hidden within this rarely visited rock-hewn monastery that was only rediscovered in…

7. Kızıl Kilise

24.35 MILES

Against a backdrop of stark, sweeping fields, the red masonry of the Kızıl Kilise stands out for miles. One of Cappadocia's oldest churches, it was built…

8. Kömürlü Kilisesi

26.53 MILES

This church is next door to the Kalburlu Kilisesi in Monastery Valley. Note the entrance with its finely carved lintel and Maltese crosses.