Boğazkale Museum

Top choice in Central Anatolia

Excellent information boards provide a thorough grounding in both Hittite history and culture while the pieces on display – all unearthed at Hattuşa – have been thoughtfully and artistically curated to aid visitor understanding. The pride of the collection are the two original sphinx statues that once stood guard at Hattuşa's Sphinx gate, atop the fortified mound above the postern gate of Yer Kapı. They were only returned to Boğazkale in 2011, having previously been on display in Berlin and İstanbul.

It's one of the best little provincial museums in Turkey and a must for anyone interested in the Hittites.

Last tickets are sold at 4.45pm between November and March.

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1. Mosque

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Boğazkale's small mosque is a good landmark in the village (though it's extremely difficult to get lost in Boğazkale).

2. City Wall Reconstruction

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As you climb out of Boğazkale to the site, an evocative reconstruction of a section of city wall comes into view allowing you a sense of what the…

3. Lower City & Temple

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6. Güney Kale

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Immediately opposite Nişantaş, a path leads up to the excavated Güney Kale with a fine (fenced-off) hieroglyphics chamber with human figure reliefs.

7. Nişantaş

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At Nişantaş a rock with a faintly visible Hittite inscription cut into it narrates the deeds of Suppiluliuma II (1215–1200 BC), the final Hittite king.

8. Aslanlı Kapı

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At Aslanlı Kapı, two stone lions (one rather poorly reconstructed) protect the city from evil spirits. This is one of at least six gates in Hattuşa's 4000…