Alacahöyük Museum

Central Anatolia

This little museum does a good job of explaining Alacahöyük's history and significance despite comprising only two rooms. One room is dedicated to small finds excavated at the site – most of the larger finds are on display in Ankara's Museum of Anatolian Civilisations – including idol figurines and a delicately beautiful deer statuette, while a second room details the history of archaeological work here.

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1. Alacahöyük Excavation Area

0.02 MILES

One of Turkey's most important Bronze Age sites (though settlement here actually stretches from the Chalcolithic through to the Iron Age), Alacahöyük's…

2. Yazılıkaya

14.75 MILES

Yazılıkaya means 'Inscribed Rock', and that's exactly what you'll find in these outdoor rock galleries, around 2km from Hattuşa. There are two galleries:…

3. Boğazkale Museum

15.07 MILES

Excellent information boards provide a thorough grounding in both Hittite history and culture while the pieces on display – all unearthed at Hattuşa –…

4. City Wall Reconstruction

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As you climb out of Boğazkale to the site, an evocative reconstruction of a section of city wall comes into view allowing you a sense of what the…

5. Lower City & Temple

15.34 MILES

This vast complex, dating from the 14th century BC and destroyed around 1200 BC, is the closest archaeological site to the entrance gate and the best…

6. Mosque

15.34 MILES

Boğazkale's small mosque is a good landmark in the village (though it's extremely difficult to get lost in Boğazkale).

7. Büyük Kale

15.61 MILES

Although most of the Büyük Kale site has been excavated, many of the older layers of development have been re-covered to protect them, so what you see…

8. Güney Kale

15.67 MILES

Immediately opposite Nişantaş, a path leads up to the excavated Güney Kale with a fine (fenced-off) hieroglyphics chamber with human figure reliefs.