Amasra Castle

Black Sea Coast

The northern section of Amasra is a citadel of mixed Roman, Byzantine and Genoese heritage with heavy grey-stone walls that are often woven into today's townscape. The most dramatic sections are the Küçük Liman trio of gateways guarding the Roman bridge (Kemere Köprüsü), plus the towering walls backing Hisar Peçe, a ledge or footpath that runs east–west along the northern half of the promontory.

Behind the Hisar Peçe walls is the Zindan (literally 'prison') quarter. The enclosed area is now mostly residential but there are interesting carved relics on some walls, a restored 9th-century Byzantine Chapel (Şapel) and a church-turned mosque (Fatih Camii). Beneath the latter, an undersea tunnel is said to have once linked to Rabbit Island (which then housed a monastic retreat).

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