Lower Gate


This is the second, less frequented entrance to the ruins at Ephesus.

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Nearby Ephesus attractions

1. Theatre Gymnasium

0.07 MILES

You can pick out the foundations of this once-colossal structure, which was used for physical training and dates from around AD 125. A lot of excavation…

2. Harbour Street

0.13 MILES

The 530m-long Harbour St was built by Byzantine Emperor Arcadius (r 395-408) to link the Great Theatre and the Middle Harbour Gate in a late attempt to…

3. Ephesus

0.15 MILES

Of Turkey's hundreds of ancient cities and classical ruins, Ephesus is the grandest and best preserved. A Unesco-listed World Heritage Site, it's the best…

4. Columns of the Evangelists

0.15 MILES

The middle of Harbour St (Arcadian Way) is marked by the shafts of Corinthian columns that once supported statues of the four Evangelists erected in the…

5. Church of St Mary

0.16 MILES

Northwest of the Lower Gate, a signposted path leads to the ruins of the Church of St Mary, also called the Double Church. The original building was a…

6. Great Theatre

0.18 MILES

Originally built under Hellenistic King Lysimachus, the Great Theatre was reconstructed by the Romans between AD 41 and 117 and it is thought St Paul…

7. Harbour Baths

0.19 MILES

These baths, part of a complex that included a gymnasium and a sports area, were erected at the end of the 1st century AD but were badly damaged by an…

8. Lower Agora

0.23 MILES

This 110-sq-m one-time market had a massive colonnade. The shops in the colonnades traded in food and textiles; the agora's proximity to the harbour…