Baths of Scholasticia


Marble steps behind the Trajan Fountain lead up Bath St to this large hamam. In one niche is a headless statue of Scholasticia, who repaired the baths in the 4th century AD.

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Nearby Ephesus attractions

1. Temple of Hadrian

0.02 MILES

One of Ephesus' star attractions and second only to the Library of Celsus, this ornate, Corinthian-style temple honours Trajan's successor and originally…

2. Latrines

0.02 MILES

This square structure has toilet 'seats' along the back walls with a roof above. Although some wealthy citizens had private home bathrooms, they also used…

3. Brothel

0.03 MILES

This site, demurely called the 'Love House' on signboards, is eagerly anticipated by visitors, but its rather dishevelled state makes envisioning…

4. Trajan Fountain

0.04 MILES

This honorary fountain from the early 2nd century AD was once dominated by a huge statue of the great soldier-emperor Trajan (r AD 98–117), grasping a…

5. Terraced Houses

0.04 MILES

The roofed complex here contains seven well-preserved Roman homes built on three terraces, which are well worth the extra visiting fee. As you ascend the…

6. Gate of Hadrian

0.05 MILES

This monumental arch, which links the Curetes Way with Marble St, is thought to have been dedicated to Hadrian when he visited Ephesus.

7. Curetes Way

0.06 MILES

Named for the demigods who helped Lena give birth to Artemis and Apollo, the Curetes Way was Ephesus' main thoroughfare, 210m long and lined with statuary…

8. Library of Celsus

0.07 MILES

This magnificent library dating from the early 2nd century AD, the best-known monument in Ephesus, has been extensively restored. Originally built as part…