Kbor Klib

Ruins in Central Tunisia

Image by Lauren Keith Lonely Planet

Standing in a farmer's field in remote central Tunisia, the mysterious ruined stone walls of Kbor Klib don't look like much, but they've been intriguing researchers for years. No one knows who built the structure or why: it has no inscriptions and few decorative elements. At 45m long, Kbor Klib is constructed of three platforms joined together by a wall, now only about 6m tall but thought to have once been much higher.

The two main theories are that it's a monument to celebrate the triumph of Caesar over his enemies in the Roman civil wars or that it was erected to commemorate the Battle of Zama, in which the Romans defeated Hannibal's Carthaginian army, marking the end of the Second Punic War.

Kbor Klib rises on the southern side of the C80, about 16km southwest of Siliana, just across the street from Ksour Toual Zammel.