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Tongatapu's key archaeological sights – such as Mu’a and the Ha’amonga ‘a Maui Trilithon – are on the isle’s eastern side, which also features caves, calm sandy coves and the airport. To the west are the Mapu’a Vaca Blowholes and the most of the resorts and surf breaks. North of Nuku'alofa are some lovely little day-trip islands. Give yourself a good few days to check it all out.

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$990.76 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Ultimate 5 DAY Tongatapu with Whale Swim

DAY 1: HA’AMONGA, HUFANGALUPE AND THE ANAHULU CAVE POOLS ( Lunch Included) This day we explore the mainland seeing some awesome sites and swimming in the Anahulu cave pool DAY 2: SWIM WITH WHALES & OHOLEI DINNER SHOW (Lunch and Dinner Included) It’s not every day that you get to swim with and learn more about the radiant humpback whale and other various marine creatures on this educational whale adventure  We’ll be back at our base around 4pm, giving you some time to chill and unwind. But be ready again at 5:30pm, as when the sun goes down, the funs headed on a one-way journey UP at the Oholei Beach Resort where we’ll be enjoying traditional Tongan Food with a – wait for it – all you can eat buffet. So, come hungry, and prepare for a feast! Post dinner we’ll head over to a show extravaganza in the Hina Cave, featuring a Faiva performance chockablock with traditional Tongan dances from all across the land. **dinner is on a Wednesday or Friday night DAY 3: PANGAIMOTU ISLAND DAY TRIP (Lunch Included) We’ll weave our way through the day on the glorious beaches of Pangaimotu Island – a mere 10-minute boat trip from Tongatapu. What happens when you get off the boat is in your hands! Want to snorkel the day away? Soak up the sun or dive off a shipwreck? The choice is yours, and the sky’s the limit.  DAY 4: FAFA ISLAND DAY TRIP (Lunch Included) Fafa Island is home to some of the most stunning sights around, which you can choose to soak up in a relaxing island walk, or by sunbathing the hours away. If you’re more of an adrenalin seeker, why not go snorkeling on the corals reefs or swim in the warm Pacific Ocean? The choice is yours! We’ll head back to base around 5pm, after which our famous local chef will be at it again; introducing flavors and aromas you never thought possible - at another beach cookout. DAY 5: SWIM WITH WHALES & BLOW HOLES AT SUNSET (Lunch Included) If we WERE lucky enough to see them our first swim, we just get to see them a second time! Best déjà vu ever! Could there possibly be a better way to end such an incredible trip than to watch the sun set behind the blow holes? Some reach up to 18 meters high through holes in the coral reef (If you’ve got a slow-mo cam, BRING IT!)

$244.21 Cultural & Theme Tours

Shore Excursion: Small Group VIP Island Tour with BONUS experience!

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Ha'atafu Beach, Tongatapu IslandPick up from your cruise ship at 9:00am you will join a small group of max 8 people in your air-conditioned coach with knowledgeable guide.First stop will be by the Royal Palace for a photo stop, and hopefully if we are lucky, catch a glimpse of the King! Next we will stop at the famously rare 3-headed coconut tree. A freak of nature and not reported to be found anywhere else in the world.A stop by the blow holes is a must! Along the rocky terraced coastline, waves send water spouting 18 meters into the air through natural vents in the coral rock creating one of the most impressive sights in the south pacific and also known as the "chiefs whistle" Then we are off to the western side of Tongatapu to the Blue Banana Beach studios located on the beach directly in front of an ancient surfing pass where Tasman came to anchor thus becoming the first European to meet with the inhabitants of Tongatapu. Here you can view the Ha'a Fonu, Tonga Maritime museum. The term “maritime” is synonymous with the seafaring Polynesians and their ancestors in general but even more specifically the once vast oceanic empire of Tonga. The museum will house a comprehensive display of artifacts that illustrate this long, rich past. Tonga is the birthplace of the Polynesian culture. “Ha’a Fonu” or “Clan of the Sea Turtle” is a symbolic tribute to the family of Polynesia and their intrepid explorations across the largest and unknown ocean- the Pacific. The far wandering Fonu was often used as a motif of reverence. Exhibits will span 3,000 years of Tongan history in one room. Beginning with the first arrival of the “Lapita People” and through their transformation to the Polynesian Culture- which spread as far east as the Americas, north to Hawai’i and south to Aotearoa (New Zealand). The conception of surfing as a cultural activity, it’s passing on to Hawai’i and eventual dispersal around the entire globe and the arrival of Europeans and early interactions. BONUS: Coconut Demonstration. Learn how to Husk a coconut, grating, making cream and explanation of oil making. Then you can try the oil we make all whilst sipping on your own fresh Coconut. You will also each receive your very own hand painted Lava Lava to take home with you!From here we will pass the flying fox sanctuary and you may see them sleeping in the trees. Next we visit Tsunami rock, also known as "Maka Sio'ata. With its mysterious and forbidding name, the giant three-story boulder sits just off a tiny and beautiful beach on the western side of Tongatapu - and no one knows exactly how it got there. Researchers believe the ancient wave may have hit the island's shore sometime within the past 7,000 years, after the melting of the most recent ice age brought sea levels to roughly where they are today! A stop by the local’s favorite for a quick bite to eat, you can sample pork, chicken, beef, sheep ribs and of course fish to name a few popular meats. Add in some coconut milk, taro leaves and various starches such as yams, taro, sweet potatoes and tapioca and you can taste the true Tongan cuisine. One of the most scenic views in Tongatapu is a huge natural coral bridge under which the seawater churns next to steep cliffs overlooking the beautiful beach. It is breathtaking. Time permitting and having the right tide, we can stop by to the fishing pigs. Lastly we will stop off for a visit to the Ha’amonga, Known as the Stonehenge of the south pacific the mysterious Ha'amonga was erected in 1200AD. It consists of two upright coral stones about 5m high, topped by a horizontal connecting stone 6m long and has 3 paths that lead to the beach. When the sunrises in the middle path the day is equal. If it rises on the left path, its the shortest day of the year and the right path is the longest day of the year.Return to the cruise ship by 4pmDuration: 6 hours