Umeyatul Islam Mosque

Mae Hong Son Province

A mosque in Mae Sariang.

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2. Wat Jong Sung & Wat Si Bunruang


These two adjacent Burmese-Shan temples are located just off Mae Sariang’s main street. Built in 1896, Wat Jong Sung is the more interesting of the two…

3. Phra That Jom Thong

1.24 MILES

This giant, golden hilltop Buddha statue offers great views over Mae Sariang and the surrounding countryside. It’s located about 3km south of town, just…

4. Salawin National Park

1.27 MILES

This national park covers 722 sq km of protected land in Mae Sariang and Sop Moei districts. The park is heavily forested with teak and Asian redwood and…

5. Mae Sam Laep

17.55 MILES

The riverside trading village of Mae Sam Laep is close to the end of a 50km winding mountain road from Mae Sariang, within the boundaries of Salawin…